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The importance of "Vision" in football

Why don't footballers look back before receiving the ball?

It has been observed that few footballers have developed the ability to know around them, and especially behind them the positions of their opponents and teammates. This is because the kinetic-football standards that will make this energy stored in the memory of the footballers and carried out effortlessly have not been developed and imprinted. This habit - movement takes time to become the property of the footballer and for this reason there must be such contents Realistic football actions from younger ages. Such a motor skill: • A new skill is not specifically learned in words. • There are not many coaches with knowledge of training such football habits and they create training units with technical goals without direction and realistic application.

In which positions on the field and by which players is the "vision" used?

Peripheral vision in combination with reading any visual stimulus in the environment, or otherwise "Vision" as it is widely known in the world football vocabulary is used mainly by players who have the opponent and the focus behind them, with their backs and do not have the necessary visual contact. in that direction. This creates a reduced chance of making the right decision and most of the time the game is not promoted while the conditions are there. As it is understood, this skill should work in the "automatic" by players mainly located in the central axis due to the multifaceted stimuli (teammates - opponents in all directions) and players players with their backs to the desired destination. The positions that need optimal use of the skill are: • Central midfielders • Central forwards

When should the footballer look back before receiving the ball?

A very important role is played by the time you turn your head to see the situation that prevails backwards as well as the duration of this moment. The correct timing is just before the reception and the duration of this action should be instantaneous. The reasons are the following: • If you look back much earlier, the opponent may constantly change position and this action may not make sense and may not help the reception or the next action. • The duration should be short if you stay longer than necessary there is a case to lose even contact with the ball as well as the stimuli that will be created forward.


Let's face it! Realism is an element that should not be missed in any training session.

Nowadays, training tends to be repetitive without giving the necessary emphasis to detail. And to some basic football habits, every coach should emphasize not only the quality of the energy but also the way it is achieved.

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