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How to organize a Tournament

Looking for a way to organize a tournament in order every player plays the same and against each other? Trying to avoid the long que before the each game starts?Football Mind presents:

Mini Champions League Tournamet

The easiest way to provide fun, free game and also everybody has a chance to win not only the best players.But most importantly everyone plays the same amount of time while still training all the technical elements.

Its easy to set it up, you are limited by number of players. Moreover using 2 pitches with diferents rules in each pitch gives you the advantage of training all players at the same time while having so much fun.Also you can award not only the winner but the top 3 players.

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Let's face it! Realism is an element that should not be missed in any training session.

Nowadays, training tends to be repetitive without giving the necessary emphasis to detail. And to some basic football habits, every coach should emphasize not only the quality of the energy but also the way it is achieved.

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